Horse Race Betting - Betfair Turning Losers Into Winners

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Financial traders buy and sell constantly, they take risks however are skilled at "protecting their position". In non technical term covering options, heads they win, tails they win. It is a great position to be. You can attain the same on Betfair.

When you back or lay around the exchange a smaller green figure happens for sboarena the screen from the horse in case you have backed it showing simply how much you may win if successful. Against the rest of the horses is your stake money shown in red. If you've got laid the horse then your reverse happens. The red figure is next on the horse you might have laid and other runners have your stake money in green less the 5% commission against their names.

On Betfair it's quite possible to show dozens of figures green and have yourself in to the position that regardless of the outcome of the race you can't lose. There are many solutions to go about this but here's one. It works best on busy racing days say for example a Saturday or Bank Holiday.

First thing in the morning look for horses that happen to be tipped heavily inside the racing press. You can also continue line on the Racing Post site and look at their report on the tipster's recommendations. Pay particular attention on the naps especially those of Pricewise and Trading Post who can be particularly influential. Horses which are touted inside the press tend to shorten in price as the race approaches when you back them early inside day to win you should get a great price.

As the afternoon goes on and more people back the fancied horse the retail price will shorten both with the bookies as well as the exchange. You then lay the horse with the shorter price with an amount the desire ensure win or lose you may profit. If you review your screen now you will see that each of the small figures are green.

Let me offer you an example at 9 am we back Dead Cert for A�10 at 10.0 to win A�90

At 2 pm we lay Dead Cert that has now fallen to 6.5 for A�12 to lose A�66

If Dead Cert wins we make A�90 - A�66 (we shell out on the lay bet) profit A�24

If Dead Cert loses we lose A�10 from our win bet but get A�12 from your lay, profit A�2

You won't create a fortune out of this one bet but as you become more experienced and can start to find the signs of horses odds lengthening or shortening you can set out to show a stable profit.